Completely Overhaul for RB26DETT with Gr.-A Technology


REIMAX offers the completely overhaul for the engine which is tired because of longtime use. By highly accurate assembly technology of the Gr.-A spec after adjusting a dynamic balance of the crank shaft and the flywheel, it will be revived more efficient than the new car.

 Exchanging Parts List :
Piston Rings
Main Bearings
Connecting Rod Bearings
Gasket Kit
Valve Seals

 Basic Work List :
  Full Overhaul
Adjusting a dynamic balance of the crank shaft and the flywheel
Matching the weight of pistons and connecting rods
Main & rod bearing clearance adjusting with racing spec
Fitting the valves with the valve seals
Overhaul of the turbine wheel 

Engine : RB26DETT (Not included)
Price : Please call !
(The additional works are available when you order)

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