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About TORCO MPZ Racing Oils

Synthetic oils are the ultimate in lubrication technology, remaining very stable in the most extreme racing conditions. TORCO offers increased horsepower with better cooling and ring sealing in high performance engines. With the addition of MPZ, Torco Synthetic Oil rises to a new level of performance in reducing friction, wear and increasing horsepower.

It is used in race cars, sports cars, hot rods and high performance turbo and supercharged charged cars. It's made for the car owner who cares enough to use the best. Here's the benefits:

Reduces friction ・Resists oxidation
Increases horsepower and torque ・Superior engine cleanliness 
・Lowers engine temperatures ・Strong film strength
・ Withstands high heat ・Extends drain intervals 
・ Excellent low-temp flow ・Increases fuel economy

 TORCO MPZ Racing Motor Oils

MPZ 100% Synthetic Racing Oil Reduces friction, increases horsepower and torque.
Superior engine cleanliness.
Lowers engine temperature.
Strong film strength. Withstands high heat.
Increases fuel economy.

TORCO Racing Transmission Fluids

Synthetic automatic and manual transmission fluids have these advantages over petroleum based fluids:

  • Withstands higher temperatures
  • Resists thermal breakdown
  • Greater oxidation stability
  • Superior wear protection
  • Better cooling capacity
  • TORCO Racing Gear Oils

    Torco is known for its gear oil technology. A pioneer of multi-grade petroleum based gear oils for racing applications. Using a GL-6 additive system brings this product to a racing level of performance. Provides superior adhesive strength to stay on gears and bearings at high speed. They have extreme anti-score protection for ring and pinion gears under heavy shock loads. Special additives prevent wear and reduce heat. 
    TORCO Limited Slip Friction Modifier

    Designed for use in limited-slip/posi-traction differentials to reduce hypoid gear noise and chatter. Formulated to modify clutch plate friction for applying and releasing clutch plates.
    TORCO Hi-Performance Service Products

    MPZ ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE, CAM LUBE and SPRAY LUBE cover three categories of pre-lube  application during the assembly of new and re-built engines. These lubricants are available as viscous fluids, soft non-melting gels and non-melting gels diluted with quick drying solvents for easy spray application.

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